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Cacak, Serbia

Čačak is located in central Serbia , the Western Morava , 150 kilometers south of Belgrade . The city is situated on the bank of the River , in a fertile valley Cacanska that stretches between the mountains Jelice the south, Sheepdog and Kablara the west, north and Vujan Kraljevo basin in the east. It is the interface Šumadije and dinar mountainous landscape. The administrative organization of the administrative Serbia , Cacak has city status .

When you move towards the end , definitely a must-see urban core of the city of Cacak . At the site of the present , there is a settlement in Roman times ( 4th century), as evidenced by the remains of Roman baths and monuments Jupiter. Within the municipality of Čačak were discovered and numerous rustic villas , farms , also from the Roman era . Residence of Jovan Obrenović in Cacak , after church , the oldest preserved building . It was built in 1835th John was the brother of Prince Milos . For it is only preserved emblem Obrenovic dynasty , and his museum exhibition of old town houses . The National Museum has three permanent exhibitions - view history from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages , " Ovčarsko - Kablarski monasteries and churches Cacak region " and " Čačanski end of uprisings and wars from 1804 to 1941 . " . Many of the old houses in this village have preserved its original appearance - District načelstvo , Sokolski dom , Gymnasium , Hadzic houses , palaces Dragomirović , house of Major Gavrilovic ...

Art Gallery of Nadezda Petrovic is a memorial to the artist, the originators of the modern visual arts, such as the Memorial " Nadezda Petrovic" one of the most significant events of the modern Serbian art .

Monument to soldiers of the First World War in Cacak cemetery , erected in 1934. year , is unique in the world . For it is on one side there is the Orthodox , on the other Catholic cross, the third Islamic crescent and a star of David on the fourth . Tanasko Rajic monument on the hill Ljubiću preserves the memory of the legendary artilleryman in the First Serbian Uprising.

Top Garden on Mount Jelici , 8 kilometers from the city of Čačak , in the village of Grab , is known for large-scale archaeological site . Here you can see the remains of the early Byzantine fortified city , which witnessed a developed economic and cultural life in this area in the 6th century .

In Ovčarsko - Kablarska gorge , through which penetrates the Morava , ten kilometers from the city of Cacak , there are 10 Orthodox monasteries and the two holy places . With great certainty we can say that they are constructed in the late 14th century , the time of arrival of the monks hesychast in Serbia . The people of this area is called the Serbian Holy Mountain . Today they live monasteries - Presentation, Ascension, Transfiguration , the Temple and the Holy Trinity on the right , and the Annunciation , Ilinje , Jovanje , Assumption and Nikolje , on the left bank of the Morava . Besides the monastery , there are refuge - church Kađenica and Savinje - church dedicated to St. Sava . Architecture represents the renaissance of Raška School. They operated radio nice for copying and illumination of books , icon painting and making various liturgical objects .

Mountains Ovčar and Kablar are ideal for those engaged in fishing, hiking , rafting and extreme sports . On Kablare to even organize courses of extreme mountaineering , and a hit runway for paragliding at the top Ovčar .

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