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Kragujevac, Serbia

Kragujevac is the cultural, educational, administrative and political center Šumadije. Located in central Serbia, 140 km south of Belgrade, on an area of ​​853 square kilometers. It was built on the river Lepenica at the foot of mine. In the area of ​​government temperate continental climate, the average altitude is about 200 meters. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants.

In written records the city was first mentioned in 1476 under the name "Kragujevdza". His flourished in the period from 1818 to 1841, when he was Prince Milos Obrenovic proclaimed the capital of Serbia. Industrial development of Kragujevac began in the aftermath of Sweden's second work, the city is still known for the automotive industry.

If you go during Kragujevac sure to visit the National Museum, City Hall, the Museum of Old Foundry Memorial, 21 October, a memorial park Šumarice.

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