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Kraljevo, Serbia

Kraljevo is a city in Serbia, Raska district . According to the 2011th there were 63030 residents. The spa is situated on three rivers Ibar , Morava and West Ribnica .

City coat of arms consists of seven crown , which symbolizes the coronation of seven kings in Zica Monastery , which is located 5 km from the city center. The king's administrative, economic , sports and cultural center of Serbia proper . Also, the intersection of important main roads .

In addition to the role of the municipal and administrative center , the city of Kraljevo is the role of economic trade and industrial center of southwestern Serbia , the city where they are concentrated nearly all economic capacities . City of Kraljevo is among the economically developed cities in Serbia. Economic activity takes place in 11 sectors , but the greatest impact on economic trends with companies from trade and manufacturing. Thanks to the good geographical and traffic position , the city of Kraljevo is the trade center of Raska county. Also, close to the airport " Morava" in Lađevci to be from spring 2012.godini used for cargo and civilian traffic is of great importance to the city of Kraljevo for fostering exports especially agricultural products , but also contribute to the development of tourism.

In the town of Kraljevo has many spas : Vrnjačka , Mataruška , Bogutovačka and Sirčanska Banja . Throughout the year there are tourist and cultural events , cultural Kraljevačko summer pasuljijada , various fairs , concerts , and is the largest and most popular event Veseli descent down the Ibar Maglič to the king.

Nearby Kraljea is the wire (XIII century) , one of the most important and most representative of Serbian medieval monasteries . Studenica Monastery , which was founded by Stefan Nemanja 1190, one of the jewels of Serbian medieval architecture and one of the largest and richest monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is located on the territory of the Kings. Since 1986. year is on the list of world cultural heritage under protection of UNESCO.

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