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Accomodation Novi Sad

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If you expect more than traditional and standard comfort from hotel accommodation, if you are looking for a hotel that will surprise you while recognising your individuality, stay at Boutique Hotel.

Arta boutique Hotel is a completely different experience, a unique sensation of an authentic spirit of Novi Sad, transfused into a hotel-keeping art.

Novi Sad is difficult to describe in only few sentences as there is originality in its versatility. The same applies to Arta. Yet, alongside the famous hospitality of Novi Sad, we have one more thing in common – a small town, or a small hotel, with the great soul big enough for a whole world, where a guest always means the world to the host.

Arta boutique Hotel has 9 rooms, 2 suites, one room equipped for the people with special needs, bar, summer garden and a parking lot.

The accommodation capacity is divided into three categories: ELEGANT, SUPERIOR and DE LUXE. All rooms and apartments are spacious and functional, completely adapted both to the needs of the business guests but also for those visiting Novi Sad as tourists.

Each room has a mini-bar, direct phone line, free Internet (LAN Wireless), electronic safe deposit box, air-conditioner and cable television with international TV channels. Arta boutique Hotel provides parking places for all its guests, within a closed hotel parking lot.

Phone: 021/680-4500

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Name: Arta boutique hotel , Novi Sad
Address: Heroja Pinkija 12, Novi Sad
Phone: + 381 21 6804 500
Kapacitet: 9 soba, 2 apartmana

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Arta boutique hotel  Novi Sad Arta boutique hotel

If you expect more than traditional and standard comfort from hotel accommodation, if you are looking for a hotel that will surprise you while recogni...

Arta boutique hotel

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