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By linking the West and the East for centuries , Serbia is a country where they meet and overlap of civilization and culture , sung as a country gentle valleys, beautiful mountains , medieval churches and monasteries , spas , magical lakes and rivers , old villages , mystical canyons and caves , rich cultural historical heritage , good food and friendly people ... it's all one word, Serbia .

The rich cultural heritage will take you on a strange journey through history and will reveal hidden secrets that keeps this small country . On the whole territory of Serbia are the remains of great civilizations - through Roman and Byzantine to the Ottoman Empire .

Whether you choose to walk the paths of old forts like Kalemegdedana , Petrovaradin , low or Smederevo Fortress , or visit medieval monasteries Žiče Miles , Ravanice , Ljubostinje ... archaeological sites like Sirmiuja , Viminacijuma , Lepenski Vir and Felix Romuliana wait for you an interesting story about countries and peoples of this region .

However this time we are taking is not only related to the history we suggest you take a break at Palic or Silver Lake , for complete relaxation there are Vrnjačka and Soko Banja , if you are fond of mountain Zlatibor and Kopaonik are at your fingertips , for peace of mind and home food will take care of our ethno village makes us famous and the best entertainment in South East Europe with open arms and warm smiles welcome you Belgrade , the capital and largest city of the country .

Serbian cuisine

Love for food has an important place in the life of the average Serb . One of our proverb says that the power of what you eat and we have to take seriously . Serbs love to pamper their guests , and especially myself , and hospitality and gratitude most often expressed through food.

Serbian cuisine is very tasty and highly spicy , satisfying all the senses , irresistibly increasing appetite . Meat , especially barbecue and various types of baking spices - pepper , basil , horseradish , dill and fresh vegetables are used in large quantities in the Serbian cuisine , and it is common for a meal consisting of at least one meat , which occupies an important place among the recipes.

Not with that in Serbia eat well . Important role certainly has the flavor and quality of food served , but for the Serbs is perhaps even more important , or at least equally important to all that is happening around the table - I'm feeling , the people can eat at , the interviews conducted , it is in no hurry to be enjoy . Serbs have always respected dining as an important ritual that brings together family and most households are still trying to at least once a week , usually on Sundays , organize a joint luncheon . Classic Serbian lunch and most comprehensive meal traditionally begins a glass of cold homemade brandy high quality , which will heat up the chest and wake up your appetite . After that will be followed by an appetizer and soup or soup, a main dish with a salad and finally - a treat.

Cold appetizers that can be eaten as a separate meal , like breakfast : corn bread , Pie , beans , sour cream , cottage cheese , Uzice ham , pork scratchings , jelly , or a slice of bread smeared with lard , seasoned with salt and crushed red pepper . At the turn , then , comes the soup or stew . Serbia are preparing various soups , a common choice as veal or lamb , made ​​with lots of meat and vegetables , and fish of various kinds of fresh river fish that is usually on the table in a bowl. Standard Serbian entree always consists of meat and vegetables .

The most popular grill that . Various types of meat baked in beech with charcoal favor of finely chopped onion - kebabs , burgers , sausages , kebabs , hangers , Leskovac donuts and chicken liver wrapped in bacon. For a traditional Serbian foods are considered and leskovačka shaker Karađorđeva steak , cabbage rolls , podvarak, cabbage , bean soup with smoked ribs and , of course , lamb or pork , and lamb . Among the most famous seafood dishes stand out is " drunk " and smoked carp with which they use Swiss chard and potato salad made ​​from slices of cold potato with onion and pepper. With the main course is always eating and salads .

If you like spicy , Serbian cuisine will not disappoint . Voters between roasted hot peppers in oil with garlic , pickled hot peppers - peppers , lettuce and horseradish hoopla . Bread, a basic and very appreciated Serbian food is placed right at the table and eat it throughout the lunch.

The meal does not end without sweets . Hostesses will prepare orasnice , lazy cherry pie , maybe vanilla , and Vojvodina will serve GOMBOC that . dumplings with plums , strudel with poppy seeds, carob and nuts or pumpkin pie - pumpkin pie . Typical Serbian desserts and cereals , boiled wheat mixed with ground walnuts and sugar , which are commonly used to celebrate , with or without whipped cream .

What to see in Serbia

  • Devil's Town - It is a miracle of nature , the fact that it consists of two very rare natural phenomenon. The first clay figures that Devil's Town give a special attraction , the other two sources of very acidic water .
  • Woodentown ( Mećavnik ) - Wooden Town 's cinematic ethno village in Mokra Gora , a village on the border between Zlatibor and Tara who is a famous director Emir Kusturica built on a hill Mećavnik .
  • Kalemegdan - Belgrade Kalemegdan Park is the largest park . At the same time the most important historical complex , in which the Belgrade fortress overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers .
  • Romulijana - Felix Romuliana the imperial palace was built on the ideas of the Roman Emperor Maximillian Gallery , on a vast plateau Gamzigrada , near Zajecar. Galleries, born in this area , this palace was built in the 3rd and 4 Ages himself and his mother Roma, after which it is named .
  • The canyon Uvca - known for its meanders , the river is carved into limestone rock .
  • Monastery Studenica - Studenica Monastery is one of the largest and richest monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Because of its importance and value of this monastery UNESCO included on the World Heritage List .
  • Resavska caves - the most beautiful caves in Serbia, whose age is estimated at 80 million years . Located in the eastern part of the country .

The most important tourist centers :

  • Belgrade - Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube , Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and, beside Athens, the greatest urban whole of the Balkan. Belgrade may not be the greatest and most beautiful city in the world , but it is certainly one of the places with the most spirit , both in the Balkans and in Europe .
  • Novi Sad - or Serbian Athens as it is popularly called the most beautiful city in Serbia known for his charm and kindness of the people . Novi Sad is a city of wide boulevards , beautiful objects , the abundance of parks and greenery , landscaped streets and numerous places for entertainment .
  • Kopaonik - Kopaonik is the biggest ski resort in Serbia and one of the best centers in this part of Europe . Besides the fact that it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia , Kopaonik has unique natural potential of about 200 sunny days and 160 days under the snow throughout the year .
  • Zlatibor - Zlatibor is a mountain of great beauty , and has a pleasant climate , mild climate , large hills , lush pastures interspersed with mountain streams and dotted with lush pine trees for which the mountain was named . In addition to Kopaonik, Zlatibor is the most important ski resort in Serbia .
  • Tara - Tara Mountain is certainly the most beautiful mountain in western Serbia , perhaps even the whole of Serbia and is certainly one of the most beautiful in the whole " hilly " Peninsula . It is ideal for rest and recreation in all seasons and seasons .
  • Vrnjačka Spa - Locals say the best way to meet Vrnjacka spa carriage ride from the bridge of love through the park. Vrnjačka Spa is the largest and most famous spa resort in Serbia and traditionally attractive tourist center for rest and recreation.
  • Soko Banja - Sokobanja is a famous tourist resort in southeastern Serbia . In the center there is a bathroom Sokobanje Park - Bath , where and when of Prince Milos Obrenovic , which is a museum and protected by the state .
  • Palic - Palic Lake is one of the most popular picnic as it provides an extraordinary wealth of content , thanks to the long tourist tradition more than 160 years, is a unique environment created a blend of natural and architectural heritage .
  • Silver Lake - The lake of great beauty , from the beginning it became a favorite resort and jewel continental tourism in this part of Serbia , and carries the title of Serbian sea.

What you should know if you decide to spend your holiday in Serbia

  • People - Serbs sradačan people , very proud of its history and tradition , known for their hospitality and wish you always to meet the , fun-loving and a good time .
  • Dress Code - if you are planning to visit religious sites during their stay in Serbia must be properly trained.
  • Payment - it is recommended that you always have with you a certain amount of money in cash , especially if you plan to visit rural areas to major towns and payment can be made by credit cards .
  • Communication - the Serbs are very communicative and sociable people , we will try to explain everything that you ask . Communication in English is at a high level, except in rural areas . Even though they love to talk about all issues related to politics is desirable to avoid .
  • Traditions - Management , right -handed , the presentation or meeting somebody , regardless of gender . Kissing is not required at the first meeting , but for the next time , if you have affection for the person you meet , kissing on the cheek , and a typical Serbian - three times .
  • Taxi - Always make sure the meter is on, if not turn the attention of the driver .
  • International health insurance - whether you are traveling by ourselves or you paid package through a travel agency be sure to remove the policy of international zdrastvenog insurance .
  • Exchange offices - you can exchange money at every step of the authorized exchange offices which are clearly marked and banks .

Useful information :

Capital: Belgrade
Language : Serbian
Currency : Dinar ( RSD)
All times are GMT +1
Call number : 381 ( area code )

Important phone numbers in Serbia :

Police - 192
Fire brigade - 193
Ambulance - 194
Help on the road: 1987
International information - 19011

Mobile operators in Serbia

Telenor (069 , 063 ) ,
Telecom ( 064 , 065 , 066 )
Vip (060 , 061)

Visa - the citizens of Montenegro , Macedonia, Slovenia , Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina did not need a visa to stay in the territory of Serbia is enough to show an ID card or passport at the border .

How to Serbia - Serbia can get to by car, by bus , by plane ( airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and Niš Constantine the Great ) and rail transport .

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