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Terms of use - Phone-Travel.com

Phone-Travel.com is entertaining portal and is open to all well-meaning people. Its purpose is to educate, inspire and entertain travelers, as they would spend better time on their trip and return with the beautiful impressions and memories.

Portal consists of its own content, partners and advertisers, free content, downloaded content from other portals, and content created by visitors and external links.

All visitors have the right to use these facilities if they do not violate the terms of use. Using any part of the portal, you automatically accept all the terms and conditions of use and believes that you are aware of the Terms. Users are required to be familiar with the current rules.


Unauthorized use of any portion of the portal without the permission of the copyright owner is considered copyright infringement and subject to prosecution. If you believe that AndroidVodic.com violated your copyright, the case will be looked into immediately, and the problematic content will be removed immediately upon establishing factual.

Each user should know:

  • The user can propose an idea that he wanted to see the map and you think you can help others, but only the ideas useful for travelers to be approved
  • User guarantees that the images and text entered by its intellectual property, and that no further checks may appear on this portal
  • If you find inappropriate content or problematic users, Your duty is to report it as inappropriate content
  • Your E-mail adress will NOT be visible to anyone, not even your friends
  • Everyone can Your profile data and ideas You added, but only friends will have access to Your travel photos
  • Ideas will become visible on the mobile application, only if it is supported by enough users

It is forbidden to:

  • Publishing, sending and sharing content that violates existing national and / or international laws, the content is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist or sexist, and content that is inappropriate or harmful in any way
  • Publishing, sending and exchange of information that the visitor knows or suspects to be false, and whose use may cause harm to other users
  • Misrepresentation
  • Publishing, sending and sharing of content that are protected by copyright,
  • Publishing, sending and exchanging unwanted content to users without their consent or request
  • Users may not violate the privacy of others or in any way harass or spam messages

Any user who violates any terms of use will be blocked for further useing of portal

Privacy Policy and Responsibility

By registering, Phone-Travel.com undertakes to respect the privacy of its users and visitors, and data obtained from the registration process, as well as other user information will not be disclosed to third parties.


Be careful how you form in contact with members of the portal and take care of your private information, because we can not be held responsible for any damage done to yourself, nor can we be held responsible for Your actions!

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