8 Hiking and Mountain Climbing Preparations That You Should Pay Attention To (Safe Hiking for Beginners)

Hiking and mountain climbing a fun activities that are not easy to do. Before hiking, physical abilities and other knowledge are needed to enjoy the extraordinary experience of traveling to the top of the mountain. If this is your first experience hiking a mountain, you can choose a mountain that is safe for beginners such as Mount Rinjani trekking which can even be an option for you to climb with a professional guide who is very familiar with the hiking route, so you can maximize your experience and lessons on hiking your first mountain.

To hiking, a person needs physical ability, knowledge of techniques, and course mental strength. Moreover, a climber must be used to carrying heavy loads. If you don’t prepare your physical abilities well, this can be a disturbing factor or even stop your hiking activities.

Tips for safe hiking and mountain climbing.

1. Study the situation and terrain that you will be traversing. Before hiking a mountain, you should find as much information as possible about the level of difficulty that you will be traversing. If your destination has quite rough terrain then you should look for an alternative destination that is more suitable for beginners.

2. Understand the purpose of hiking. Everyone has different reasons for hiking mountains. Therefore, make sure that the reason you have is positive so that the climb you want to complete is more meaningful, and useful, and provides valuable lessons on the journey.

3. Warm up and do physical exercise. Before hiking a mountain, you should warm up so that your body muscles don’t get shocked, and experience cramps, injuries, and so on.

4. Avoid poisonous animals and plants. Before hiking, you should learn about poisonous plants that can be detrimental first. You can start asking other climbers or offices that have authority in the mountain. Then, immediately keep your distance from animals that have the potential to endanger your safety, respect them, and try not to disturb them.

5. Appreciate and respect nature. To appreciate and respect nature, it is best to follow the paths provided and try not to damage anything that is already there, including the surrounding trees and plants.

6. Research the hiking route you will choose, hiking a mountain will provide several or even many different route options, so adjust the hiking route you choose according to your abilities, and avoid routes that are dangerous and rarely used by another hiker.

7. Bring equipment when hiking. H that meets standards and quality for your comfort and safety. Avoid using unlicensed mountain climber equipment, because it could endanger you.

8. You can hiking the mountain using a guide service, or join a hiking group, apart from getting to know new people, you can also learn from the hiking group you join, Mount Rinjani Hike can be one of your choices for hiking a mountain for the first time, a hiking group and professional and licensed climbing guides can be the first choice in hiking mountains.

Enjoy and learn the details of mountain hiking, you can find precious moments at every step of your climb, love nature so that nature will also love you, happy hiking and climbing mountains, and keep safe your hiking.